The culprit: Michelle. Weekend drunk, loves pastries, french cuisine, and pastas. Former kitchen idiot, now amateur willing to bake and slave for the sake of eating well with limited income.

The husband: Arturo. Rockstar teacher, loves soups, barbecues and pizza. Steady beneficiary/victim of meals resulting from this blog.

The project: Cook from thousands of recipes in cookbooks purchased throughout the years and prove that I can indeed learn.

The books: America's Test Kitchen : Healthy Family Cookbook, America's Test Kitchen: Family Baking Book, America's Test Kitchen: Family Cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. More will be added as used.

The non-existent recipes: As I am not the author of these cooking books, I will not be publishing recipes until I start improvising and making my own. The most I can tell you is which cooking book I used and page where you can find it in if you decide to purchase. Not receiving any fees for this, just letting you know.

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